Why outsource to a third-party?

The kinds of solutions I’m likely to suggest for you are ones that you can implement with minimal training, and that are “out of the box”.  Using a third-party solution lets you focus on the important questions:

What is your story?

What do you want people to know about you?

Focus on telling your story–let someone else worry about how to make your code compatible with the latest tech gizmo.

A website or social media platform is a living entity. You have to monitor it and care for it.  Otherwise, soon it will be a forest of errors and obscure database language will begin to show around the edges.

People now access your website from many different types of devices beyond a desktop computer: iPhones. Droids. iPads. Kindles. Each day brings a whole new platform and operating system that you have to make sure your site is compatible with. Why not let a third-party host take care of that?

When you use a third party hardware/software provider, you don’t have to worry about breaking your corner of the internet. Updates–especially security updates–will be automatic. Your data lives in more than one physical location so power outages aren’t a problem. Unless you have a burning desire to learn SQL and PHP, you probably don’t want to deal with servers.


Third-Party Software and Hosting providers I often recommend are:

If you’re interested in hiring me, you already have a ton of stuff to do, and no time to do it.  Been there, done that! I want to help you find a solution that is easy and does what you need it to do, not generate long term employment for me.