Case Study: OBFS 2013

Organization of Biological Field Stations Website

In 2010, I managed recovery and migration of the OBFS website to a membership management service. In 2013, I served again as Project Manager to build and manage an upgrade of the OBFS site.

  • New OBFS 2013 Home Page
  • OBFS News Feed, 2013 redesign
  • Station Map
  • Content Page for OBFS 2013 redesign

What changed:

OBFS wanted to update the design to make the content more dynamic (within the constraints of the membership software provider).  They also wanted to make the forms and other supporting documentation clearer, and improve  directory services.

  • Created RSS feeds to run on front and sidebar widgets
  • Modified Javascript to call calendar items and display on front and sidebar
  • Identified new graphics for front page and other page elements
  • Moved member login to a more visible location
  • Re-arranged content, menus, and directories for better ease of navigation
  • Created new content for About, Join, and other pages requiring a call to action
  • Created new Help documentation
  • Front page slideshow, automatically updating calendar, and news feed widgets
  • Wrote code for Sidebar widgets with automatically updating calendar and news feed widgets
  • Membership map is created through BatchGeo, which has Ajax search capability.


The Membership management system that OBFS uses does not have good OG (Open Graph) support, nor universal support for clean URLS. They hope that the vendor will update their Joomla system build soon with those features.