Web Portfolio

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The slideshow below contains examples of web design and project management work in WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, as well as marketing and print flyers dating from 2007-2020.

Keep in mind that once my work is done, web sites may be altered significantly as the needs of the organization changes, and as web technology improves.

My goal as a designer/developer is to make myself redundant. The folks that I know and work with are, for the most part, scientists, nature centers, and people working to broaden inclusion in STEM. I want them to succeed. I try to build easy-to-maintain websites they can edit without having to keep me on the payroll.

  • screenshot of apisengineering.com home page
  • grand challenges website
  • Entomology Today homepage
  • Place Based Research
  • Place Based Research Internal page
  • New OBFS 2013 Home Page
  • Content Page for OBFS 2013 redesign
  • Automated RSS Feed

More about my design philosophy